What I do

How can I help you?

I can work with you and your people to improve your business through changing behaviours and culture. I passionately believe (and luckily am backed up by the evidence to prove) that we all work better, and are happier, when we have a voice within our organisation, a purpose to drive us, managers to manage us well, and we trust our colleagues and leaders. That's engagement. Let me help you start the journey.

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My Approach

Using my experience gained through forming and energising the Engage for Success movement over many years, I am well placed to engage and rally people through change, by tapping into their potential and helping them, and your organisation grow.

My Story

I've worked in many sectors and organisations in my 30 year career. Radio, IT, Telecomms, Customer Service, Audit and HR being just a few!


The golden thread through my body of work has always been my ability to connect people with what is going on - whether that's complex technical concepts, dry but necessary governance or scary organisational change. 


I firmly believe that work should be fun, fulfilling and help people and organisations flourish. 

Companies I've worked with:

Lloyds Bank, Police Service of Northern Ireland, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue, Sheffield University, BAE

A few of the conferences I've spoken at or chaired:

Employee Engagement Summit (2015,16,17)

Evolution of Work

HR in Housing


CIPD Employee Engagement Conference


The Future of Work

Next Steps...

Drop me an email and let's have a conversation...